About Trucker Eater

After working on RUNINOut in the Washington, DC area for several years, I had reached a plateau. In order for my startup to grow, I had to add more restaurants – that meant getting outside the Beltway and exploring the highways and byways in small town suburbia.

I was ready to hit the road on a tractor trailer, explore new places and add restaurants to websites.  I would try their food and drinks, meet new people, document my trip and while reviews.

Trucker Eater is about visiting Restaurants, stores and attractions on the road while driving a Semi Truck.

It can be challenging to finding good restaurants and venues on the road. It’s even more difficult when driving a tractor trailer.

This is my story.  Search for a particular location, cuisine or dish that I’ve experienced and recommend. Or click on one of the map icons to view my reviews geographically